RAMSAT is the brand name for the various type of products introduced for the interface technologies offered by EOTECH.
The basic productline are terminal adapters made to solve the problem of interfacing standard serial PC technology to the synchronous High Speed Data port found on a typical Inmarsat B based terminal.
Once plugged into the B-terminal as a frontend the terminal adapter will act as a standard terrestric ISDN terminal adapter to the application and standard dial up user interfaces can be used to do satellite based data transfer efficiently.
Fleet 77/55 terminals do not have a HSD port but data transfer is made via standard ISDN interface technology.
Access to Fleet terminal is made via ISDN S0 bus and RAMSAT ISDN Terminal Adapters are compatible to plug directly into this bus.
Accessing ISDN Terminal Adapters is made the same way as with HSD adapters as they are also based on serial technology compatible to standard serial modem technology.
Different serial technologies can be selected to optimize application needs (serial port, virtual USB port or LAN virtual port mapped to IP address)