ISDN Terminal Adapter with builtin portserver for LAN/Ethernet access
Made for use with M4 or Fleet terminals with ISDN interface

Download Datasheet (PDF)
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Download Datasheet (PDF)
Connecting Internet (PDF)
( Asynchronous (virtual serialport) to ISDN S0 interface (RJ45) )

Robust ISDN Terminal Adapter built for the maritime environment. Supports all standard protocols used with satellite data transfer even RAMSAT proprietary transfer protocol HASC. Typical use as dial up unit for M4 or Fleet terminals into terrestrial line or CES internet.
May also be used as receiver at shore side installations in peer to peer file transfer applications.
Serial interface interface is accessed via a virtual port client installed to the ethernet with a maximum speed of 115200 baud.
Output is standard S0 interface with RJ45 cabling.
AT command controlled and transfer protocols with very high performance PPP, HDLC or HASC(tm),X25, V120 etc.