RAMSAT RVP-Netport High Speed Data Terminal Adapter
HSD Interface unit with builtin port server and serial access via virtual LAN/Ethernet based client.

Download Datasheet (PDF)
RAMSAT RVP24 alucasing
(Virtual serial port (Ethernet client) to synchronous DB25 (RS232 or RS530)

Robust built interface unit with a straight through asynch to synch conversion. Input interface is a virtual port client to a builtin portserver inside RVP Netport with a maximum interface speed of 115200 baud.
Output is synchronous RS232 or RS530 (DB25 male) with external clock that is controlled from connected DCE (MES) with a typical speed of 56k or 64k.
AT command controlled and transfer protocols with very high performance PPP, HDLC or HASC(tm).